Exhibitions & Shows 2021

7 Works Collective

In 2019 I joined a group of artists for a juried artist's residency at Artscape Gibraltar on the Toronto Islands.  My goal was to create mosaic works of the surroundings to include found objects from the beach. I was struck by the location - an escape so close to the biggest city in Canada and yet so otherworldly.  The tranquility was truly inspiring and I was able to create an abundance of work. 

We created independently in our private studios and met in the evenings for informal discussions and critiques of our art.   

The chance to attend a residency in 2020 was cancelled due to COVID, so we pivoted to bi-monthly chats to create a forum for our art. We worked on prompts and supported each other during the pandemic. 

Out of this was born the 7 Works Collective. We are planning to return to Artscape in 2021 and to show our collections in a number of galleries (TBD)

To see our site please follow @7WorksCollective on IG & FB and for more details about each artist go to our website: https://7workscollective.weebly.com/